The time for change is now.

Data compiled from NJ.com's Force Report found that the Boonton Police Department uses force at a rate higher than 305 other departments in the state. During those uses of force, 25.6% of subjects were injured while only 5.6% of Boonton police were injured (vs. statewide averages of 21.35% and 9.3%, respectively).

For comparison, Paterson Police injured only 24.4% of their suspects while sustaining injuries in 8.7% of their uses of force. Camden Police injured only 20% of suspects while sustaining injuries during 6.6% of their uses of force. The report also found that Black people were as much as 747% more likely to have force used on them than a white person.

This data indicates that Boonton Police Department needs to be retrained on de-escalation and racial bias because they are using force at higher rates than their cohorts statewide while seemingly facing less dangers and physical threats. They are also stopping Black citizens at clearly disproportionate rates. 

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